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Truck stop food is expensive and unhealthy. I started to be a cooking trucker because I wanted to save money, be able to eat well when in remote areas and also for the simple convenience of not having to stop three times a day for a meal.

Tools of a cooking trucker

picture of a pwer inverter. A power inverter is a tool that the cooking trucker can use.You need a power supply. Most companies will allow you to buy a power inverter for your truk but you will need to have a company mechanic install it for you. A power inverter is a inverter box that will allow you to have 110v AC power just like you would in your house. I am only going to require you to have two other things, a microwave and a crock pot. I have tried many of the 12 volt appliances for truck drivers and have never found them of good quality. The only other thing you will need is Oven Bags to line your crock pot with so you have no mess and no clean up. Paper plates and Paper Bowls are also great for a no mess, no clean up meal. I recommend Dixie brand because they are very strong and thick.

The cooking trucker meals

These are good tasting meals that are easy and mess free.


Suasage gravy picture used for cooking in a truck

pre made biscuts for truck driver cooking

 Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

1 Can Libby’s Sausage Gravy

1 Tube of  Biscuits

Line crock pot with oven bag and place biscuits in crock pot. Heat on low until golden brown. Warm gravy in microwave.


Picture of an easy meal to make as a cooking trucker.

Betty Crocker Complete Meals

These are very easy to make in your truck. Just dump everything in your crock pot with oven bag, and follow the directions on the box. Add a can of corn, green beans or peas to bulk it up and to make it healthier.



Franks and beans can bee cooked in a truckBeans and franks

Just dump a big can off beans  and a couple of hot dogs in your crock pot and let it cook.





Picture of instant oatmealOatmeal

Very filling and easy to make in your microwave.




Being a cooking trucker you have an endless list of things you can make if you put your mind to it. Whole chickens, beef roasts, soups, TV dinners and a lot of other things can be made in a crock pot or microwave with ease.

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