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There are people out there that know how to make money as a company truck driver and then there are the ones that don’t . I figured it out on my own and it is not rocket science, it is not running illegally, speeding or working yourself to death. It is just a series of simple things that anyone can do to make more money as a truck driver while also lowering your stress level.

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How to make more money as a truck driver


Trip planning

When a load pops up on your Qualcomm head to the shipper as soon as possible if you are allowed. Some shippers are FCFS (First Come First Serve) and it is vital that you waste as little time loading and unloading as possible. When you arrive at the shipper and get backed into your dock you should then start planning your trip accordingly. When the shipper is done loading you should have your trip planed, log book done and your GPS programmed so you are ready to roll. I highly suggest reading my trip planning page because it is a vital skill to understand and utilize for a host of reasons.


Keeping your left  door closed

This one is really simple, stay in your truck and drive. Truck stops are for fuel, showers, sleeping and repairs only. The amount of time that drivers spend exiting interstates and messing around in truck stops is often way to much.

After you gain some experience you will see drivers that I  call “fast but slow” drivers. Say you get on the interstate at 6am have 600 miles to make that day. You can easily finish by 6pm if you average 60 MPH if you only stop for one hour out of the day for lunch and load checks. This leaves an additional hour for delays, traffic or whatever. What you will find is that there are drivers that will blow past you at 75 MPH 3, 4, 5 or 6 times in a day. Why? Because they are stopping so  many times in a day for no reason. This is what I call a “fast but slow” driver.

If you stay in the drivers seat all day long  and start your day early you will find that you have more time for quality rest and relaxation at night. The other huge advantage to finishing your day before most drivers is that you will have much better luck finding a parking space.


Showers, food and fuel are morning activities

I have found another huge time saver for you is if you get up early, say 5am and head to the shower. You will never have to wait for a shower at this time and you are still logged off duty so your day has not started. Next thing I do is either make my breakfast in my truck or grab something cheap on my way out. Next I make a few sandwiches for lunch and have them within reach of my seat. Last thing I do is get fuel. Again you have zero waiting time in the fuel lane.


Monday morning

When Monday morning rolls around most likely it is time to get unloaded. This stands true for 99% of the other drivers in the United States. Guess what is critical? Getting unloaded first so you are at the top of the board for that region of dispatch. Send in your empty call as soon as that last piece of freight is off your trailer.


Friday morning

This is just like Monday morning. Get unloaded as soon as possible so you have a good load for the weekend. If you get unloaded late chances are you will sit all weekend long.



Hit a grocery store every now and then to keep your truck stocked with food you can cook in your truck.  This will save you a lot of money.


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With all of this said and me telling you how to make more money as a company truck driver do not ever push yourself beyond what is safe. If you need a nap then take one. Every person is different and I can only tell you what worked for me. Never compromise safety.