What Is A DOT Medical Certificate For Truck Drivers ? 2017-10-10T20:04:15+00:00

Many of you may be wondering what is a dot medical certificate and what is involved with the exam. Before you ever get your CDL, pay a school or sign on to a company training program I highly advise you to get a DOT medical exam.


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What Is A DOT Medical Certificate For Truck Drivers?

Why should you get a DOT physical before you do anything else? Here is my story… I paid my school, started and then went for a DOT physical. The DOT exam doctor thought that he heard a heart murmur and only gave me a three month certificate. I had to see a Cardiologist and have a sonogram of my heart. 2,500 dollars later I was cleared and good to go. I then continued through school and went to my first company.

I had my DOT physical as soon as I arrived at the company and what do you know I fail the blood pressure test. I had been awake for almost 48 hours when arriving due to a terrible 40 hour greyhound bus trip, was nervous and felt horrible. Back I go to the cardiologist with a paper stating why I failed. I had to go back to the Doctor on ten separate occasions  for him to check my blood pressure and I passed every time.

Back on the bus I went and then started training with the company. A DOT medical certification is good for two years if you are in perfect health. If not you will either get a three month, six month or a year certificate.


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Morale to my story is make sure you can pass the DOT medical certificate exam before you do anything else. Do not drink caffeine or smoke before your DOT medical exam and get a good night of sleep. If you tell them that you snore they will make you do a sleep study and you will have to wear a sleep apnea mask. DOT is really pushing this at the moment.